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Spring Valley County Park, consisting of 868 acres is located in Shrewsbury, Springfield, and North Hopewell Townships. This park offers a variety of recreational opportunities such as: multi-use trails, animal activity area, horse jumps, fishing, pavilions, horseshoe pits and plenty of open space.

The park is made up of old agriculture fields (showing old hand built stonewalls in some areas) and a uneven aged forest with the East Branch of the Cordorus Creek flowing through it. Official web site: Click Me!


There are over 5 miles of trails throughout the park. Horseback riding, mountain biking and hiking is permitted on all trails. Trail users remember, mountain bikers yield to hikers / horseback riders and hikers yield to horseback riders. The trails are closed to mountain biking and horseback riding during "muddy conditions," as determined by park rangers. To find out trail conditions call the Parks Office or look for trail open/closed signs located at the Potosi Road Parking Lot.


Two horse show rings and one practice ring can be rented for a nominal fee or each one can be rented separately. All three rings are locked except on the date of a rental. Although numerous equestrian shows are held during the spring and summer months, other special interest groups can reserve this large open area. A schedule of events and a price listing sheet can be obtained from the Parks Office.


One set of horseshoe pits is located near Raccoon Pavilion. Remember to bring you own horseshoes.


Picnic tables are scattered throughout the park for those who like to have a quiet picnic.


Two pavilions are conveniently located near parking lots and restrooms. Pavilions can be reserved for a nominal fee by contacting the parks office. If not reserved, Raccoon pavilion is available on a first come first serve basis. See map for the location of each one.


Several parking areas are scattered throughout the park. ADA spots are marked.

Spring Valley Park map


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